Propane consumption reduction.
68126.5 kwh
Energy consumption reduction.
743 +
Natural gas substitution in kilograms.
Savings achieved on consumption.

Responsible Company

We evolve

Zero waste objective

Reassessment Reassessment


The ECO-FLUX diagnosis materializes our questioning and leads to new innovative ways to reduce our energy consumption.

Realization Realization


Performing a carbon footprint assessment allows us to become aware of our actual impact on the environment and to seek ways to reduce it.

Empowerment Empowerment


Engaging in a CSR approach allows PSD Aero to seize ecological opportunities and extend this effort to all social aspects.

We are investing to become a self-sufficient energy company.

Investing in the development of sustainable energy solutions is one of the pillars of our commitment to preserving the environment for generations to come. For a sustainable energy future, PSD Aero wish to invest over 7 million euros in the installation of solar panels on all its warehouses, covering a total area of 20,000 m².

This ambitious project will produce over 5 million kWh of clean energy. Not only will this initiative make PSD Aero self-sufficient in electricity, it will also allow it to sell excess energy to its neighbors.

Innovative company

Innovation lies at the heart of our commitment to the environment. Since May, 08 2023, we have been planting trees in the Ardennes to reduce our carbon footprint and take sustainable action. At a rate of 3 per day, we have already planted :

993 Trees
One tree absorbs on average
25 kg of CO2 per year
Which is equivalent to a 109 km plane ride. At PSD Aero, we contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions one tree at a time.

Industrial transformation is accelerating, and we must place the environment at the heart of our attention. It is our responsibility to act for the respect of our planet and future generations.

Low emissions Partners

PSD Aero strengthens its responsible partnerships by verifying the data of its producers. An independent third-party verifier, EDP, ensures compliance with the ISO 14025 standard, which enables us to make informed decisions and prioritize low carbon emitters.

  • Producer with a carbon footprint 70% lower than the global average.
  • Stainless steel with 94% recycled content.
  • Real-time emissions monitoring and calculation.
  • 68% of recycled content used for the production of semi-finished steel.

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