Paris Saint-Denis Aero, Specialist in the distribution of metallurgical products and tier 1 supplier to the main players in the aerospace sector.

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PSD Aero is a Tier 1 supplier of metallurgical products catering to the aeronautical, nuclear, and mechanical industries. With a commitment to safety and environmental sustainability we ensure the best experience.


Stainless steel offers excellent corrosion resistance and good mechanical strength. It is often used in the aerospace industry for certain engine components or fuel systems.

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Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon, widely used due to its strength and ductility. This makes it perfect for the construction of various parts of an aircraft.

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Nickel and its alloys are often used in aerospace, particularly in gas turbines, due to their ability to maintain structural strength at very high temperatures.

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Aluminum is widely used in aerospace due to its high corrosion resistance, ductility, and low weight-to-strength ratio.

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Copper is a metal known for its high electrical and thermal conductivity. It is often used for electrical and electronic systems in aircraft.

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Titanium and its alloys offer high tensile strength, exceptional corrosion resistance, and excellent resistance to extremely high temperatures.

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Cobalt exhibits exceptional resistance to wear, corrosion, and high temperatures. It's used to manufacture aircraft engine components.

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Discover the full range of our metallurgy products and experience the quality and reliability of our offerings.

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Aerospace Supply Chain Accelerator
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Aerospace Supply Chain Accelerator

Our main objective is to facilitate the supply of metallurgical products internationally by reducing costs and delivery times within a secure and eco-conscious context.


Consolidation of logistics needs on an international scale.


Redistribution and financing of supply chain stocks.


We help producers to be listed on the approved OEM supplier list.


Enhancing our order management capabilities through digitalization.

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Securing stock inventory
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Securing stock inventory

Our response time and storage capacity make our inventory one of the largest in the world, easily accessible internationally. Your costs and delivery times are reduced and simplified.

6500+ tons

We have one of the largest inventories of stored materials in the world!

+70.000 sq. m.

We have a constantly growing number of warehouses at our disposal.

10,000+ references

Our catalog is expanding day by day to better serve our customers.

Present in 7+ countries.

A dozen international sites bring us closer to our customers.

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Quality & Optimization
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Quality & Optimization

We implement cross-functional measures to enhance the quality of metallurgical products and ensure the safety of components. This positions PSD Aero as a key player within the aerospace supply chain.


Each batch is marked to ensure complete traceability.


Confirmation tests using spectrometry ensure the integrity of the batch.


EN9120 multi-site certification with critical parts agreement in Paris.


As an active member of BNAE, PSD contributes to standards development.

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Customized processing
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Customized processing

With over 60 processing and finishing machines at our disposal, we deliver customized products tailored to the exact needs of our clients. They enable us to :

  • Shear - For clean and precise cuts.
  • Slit - For large quantities of materials.
  • Waterjet/laser/plasma cutting - For complex cuts.
  • Polish the sheets - To remove imperfections.
  • Heat treat the metal - To improve its properties.
  • Mark the parts - For complete traceability.
  • Center less grind - For precise finishing
  • Machining of OD & ID of bars -For precise shaping.
Processing capabilities
Quick satisfaction
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Quick satisfaction

We are constantly improving the speed of inventory management, orders, and deliveries for optimal customer satisfaction on an international scale.

24/48 hours

Maximum for order preparation.

Simplifying orders

No minimum tonnage for specific requirements.

150+ machines

Increasing our order management capacity.

100+ employees

To efficiently manage inventory and meet customer demands.

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Growth & Sustainability

Our ecosystem

PSD Aero operates within a robust ecosystem formed by its acquired companies on one hand, and the trust bestowed upon it by its clients and suppliers on the other. These relationships form the foundation upon which its sustainability and growth are built.

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The main objective of Aerotrade is to optimize the French aerospace supply chain while reducing its environmental impact. The company enables customers to build up cash flow and secure inventory for the future.


Specializing in storage and cutting services, PSD Aciers provides tailored solutions for the automotive, agricultural, construction, and tooling industries. As a family-owned French company, it shares the values of PSD Aero.


Gmapsa is a Spanish company whose acquisition is the result of a long-standing partnership between PSD Aero and Aernnova. It has over 8000m² of warehouse space and fully automated stock and order management.


Specializing in the industrial sector since 1946, Asmobax distributes tools, materials, and equipment for machining. With 4 branches and 2 warehouses across France, Asmobax is able to quickly meet the needs of over 500 customers.

Strengthening the independence of the aerospace supply chain

Diversifying sources of supply and establishing strategic partnerships helps to avoid dependence on specific suppliers or regions.
Collaborating with customers to develop customized solutions in terms of materials, quality standards, or delivery times increases procurement efficiency.

With increasing demands and emerging challenges in the aerospace industry, PSD Aéro takes a proactive approach and continuously strengthens its production and procurement capabilities.

AS 9100 GMAPSA 2023
AS 9120 Multi-site 2023
bureau veritas certification uk limited brand

Our commitments

Rooted in the past, focused on the future: the aviation of tomorrow is determined today.



PSD Aero is committed to a sustainable future. We are implementing unprecedented measures and concrete initiatives to develop an environmentally friendly industry.


Secure digitization

Optimizing and securing the French aerospace supply chain is the primary objective of PSD Aero. Discover how we securely digitize our processing procedures to achieve this goal.


Quality optimization

The optimization of the aerospace supply chain relies heavily on the quality requirements associated with it. Discover how PSD Aero is committed to meeting and surpassing the ever-changing demands of the aerospace industry.

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Come see us at the Paris air show 2023

For the 54th edition of the Paris Air Show at Le Bourget, PSD Aero and Aerotrade invite you to visit us at Hall 2A-C227.

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