Ethical behaviour

At PSD Aero, we are committed to maintaining impeccable ethical behavior. This includes complying with applicable laws and regulations, adopting fair business practices, promoting diversity and inclusion, respecting human rights, preserving the environment, and fostering transparent and ethical business relationships with our partners.

We encourage a culture of ethics within our company, ensuring that our employees understand and adhere to our ethical values.

Our ethic

By taking care of the development of PSD AERO on sound, sustainability, robust basis our ethics is supported on the 3 axes :

  • Sales ethic
  • Professional/Work ethic
  • Social/Corporate ethic

Commercial ethics

Our commercial ethics require that:

  • Bribery are forbidden, all types of retribution for subcontractor and partnership must only concern justified product or services.
  • Gift and others present that testify on a normal commercial relationship mustn’t exceed the habits and customs and must be in conformity according the local regulatory.

Professional/work ethics

Supplier and subcontractors and in a general way all interested parties, are required to respect their collaborators and their rights, and to make available good condition of working in a safe environment and without discrimination and to develop continuously their skills.

Ethics in work implies that:

  • All collaborators must be treated with equality, fairness and respect irrespective of race, sex, age, nationality, handicap, caste, religion, sexual orientation, membership of a union or political section.
  • It isn’t acceptable to use or to maintain forced labor, and no collaborator is required to give a deposit or identity document before starting to work.
  • It isn’t acceptable to use a child workforce or to tolerate such usage. We consider as "child" all person of less than 15 years unless if local regulation related to minimal age mention a higher age for the work or the obligation of studying, in which case the superior age applies. Nevertheless if the local regulation define a minimal age of 14 years in accordance with the exceptions for the developing country defined by the convention 138 of ILO, the lower age will apply.
  • Salary and others associated advantages are at least conform to the legal minimum or sectoral of the involved country.
  • The laws and sectoral standards in effect in term of working hours in each country where we are present are respected.
  • All the collaborators must have a working place available that present the better guarantee for their health and security.
  • All the collaborators will receive interesting offers to develop their skills as time goes with their development in the firm.
  • Records, storage and use of data related to the collaborators are managed in a strict confidential way and in conformity with the local regulations.

Social/Corporate ethic

Environmental, Healthy and security

Suppliers and subcontractors have to show their willingness to contribute at the sustainable ecological development, to always aim to reduce the environmental impact of their activities and to guarantee the health and the security of their collaborators.

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