The PSD Aero ecosystem

PSD Aero operates within an ecosystem consisting of its acquired companies, the quality of its suppliers, and the loyalty of its customers. Discover what makes the richness and diversity of PSD Aero.

More than 56 renowned suppliers

Machining & materials
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The logo of the company ASMOBAX, a subsidiary of PSD Aero.

Machining & materials

Acquired in 2016, Asmobax has nearly 80 years of experience and has 4 warehouses in the southwest of France. It distributes materials, cutting tools and equipment dedicated to machining. Asmobax is recognized by more than 500 clients and 180 suppliers for its commitment to quality towards its partners.

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Partners :

PSD Aciers
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PSD Aciers

PSD Aciers, founded in 1936 and then acquired by Mr. Lambert, is a family-owned company that shares the same values as PSD Aero. Specializing in storage and cutting services, PSD Aciers provides tailored solutions to the automotive, agricultural, construction, and tooling industries. The aerospace or nuclear industry, which is more demanding in terms of materials, is therefore the exclusive domain of PSD Aero.

~ 100 years of experience

Founded in 1936, Christian Lambert acquired Société Métallurgique Paris-St-Denis in 1993.

A family-owned business

Like PSD Aero, the future of the company remains in the hands of the Lambert family.

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Consignment & Purchase of Excess Stocks
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Consignment & Purchase of Excess Stocks

Aerotrade offers a service to companies allowing them to sell their stock to the company. The customer receives an immediate payment in cash and continues to benefit from the supply of materials from their own stock by notifying Aerotrade, which invoices accordingly. It is an ideal solution that allows companies to increase their cash flow and better manage their inventory.

Optimization Objective

Optimization Objective

Optimization of the French supply chain and reduction of environmental footprint.

100 Millions

100 Millions

Government assistance in France for the purchase of raw materials in 2020 in the form of an Aero PGE.

Aluminum stock & cut
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Aluminum stock & cut

Gmapsa is the storage and cutting site for materials for Aernnova internationally. The acquisition of the company by PSD Aero in 2021 strengthens our long-standing partnership with the brand. It also doubles our cutting and machining capabilities for our aluminum orders.



That's the size of our Gmapsa warehouse in Legutio, Spain, larger than a football stadium.



The warehouses are connected and the order preparation is automated.

They trust us

We are proud of the trust our 1600 clients place in us.

Sonaca Group
Figeac Aero
UTC Aerospace Systems
Alestis Aerospace
Lauak Groupe
MBDA missile systems
Dassault Aviation
Korean Air
Dirgantara Indonesia
Minebea Intec
UEC Saturn
Mahindra Aerospace
Trio Manufacturing
Cadence Aerospace
PMW - Precision Metal Works

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