PSD Aero logo surrounded by a chart representing its advantages in digitalization
Circle connecting PSD Aero's logo with logos of various companies it collaborates with for cybersecurity
SAP logo, the software used by PSD Aero to manage its metal orders completely digitally.
Aircyber logo, a cybersecurity program that PSD Aero adheres to in order to enhance its computer security.
Airconnect logo, a secure order management process that the company uses for optimal order processing.
Digitization & cybersecurity

Optimizing and securing the supply chain

  • Digitizing inventory management
  • Ensuring a secure environment
  • Strengthening the upstream and downstream supply chain
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Automating and accelerating processes

We are digitizing the arrival and ordering process in our warehouses to reduce input errors while increasing our responsiveness in managing customer orders.

Clipboard icon, representing streamlined order verification through process digitalization.

Order verification

Workload for order verification reduced by half.

Rolling truck icon, depicting swift shipment processing through digitalization.

Shipment processing

Shipping notifications processed three times faster.

Lightning bolt icon, symbolizing the order processing power enabled by our connected AS/RS (Automated Storage and Retrieval System)

Connected stacker crane

Our SAP system is connected to the plate and sheet stacker crane.

Speedometer icon representing the implementation of an SD-WAN for faster web connections.

Web connection speed

Doubling the inter-site connection speeds with SD-WAN.

Ensuring maximum security

Ensuring faster and more secure flow management is the new challenge facing the aerospace industry. Industrial suppliers have become the primary target of cyberattacks. PSD Aero is ready to tackle this challenge to provide a secure environment for the entire supply chain, our suppliers, and our customers.

  • ANSSI-certified cybersecurity audit
  • Migrating our ERP to the secure ECRITEL Cloud.

Security objective

Our main objective is to achieve the Gold level, the highest rank awarded by the security audit, by 2024. Our efforts are acknowledged by Aircyber, and we are currently at the Bronze level.

Industrial cybersecurity

We are strengthening the skills of our employees by providing them training in Industrial Automation Control System (IACS) security.

Transparency & communication

We wish to collaborate to detect and alert against cybersecurity threats and involve each of our employees by communicating the company's security policy to them.

Prevention & protection

We ensure the physical protection of facilities and data by securing access to buildings based on predefined roles and responsibilities.

Improving the customer experience

The implementation of an e-commerce website provides us with an opportunity to accelerate our responsiveness and order processing capabilities for our customers.

Screenshot of our website in dark mode, used to illustrate PSD Aero's digitalization efforts.

A web showcase

  • Building an online reputation
  • Modernizing our approach

Revolutionizing the purchase process

  • 1. Digitilizing orders
  • 2. Reducing input errors
  • 3. Simplifying material search


  • Requirements gathering
  • Facilitated contact initiation

Accelerating processing times

  • 1. Digitized inventory management
  • 2. Integration with SAP
  • 3. Promoting customization

A multi-functional website

The creation of PSD Aero's website represents our concrete commitment to strengthen the supply chain in a comprehensive way. Its development occurs in three key stages, each introducing new functionalities and innovations. From a showcase site to an e-commerce platform, its evolution reflects our efforts in terms of accessibility and digitization. Ultimately, our goal is to offer a complete ordering process, including custom cutting services and personalized delivery tracking.

As an essential medium of modernity, our website also allows us to communicate about company news and showcase the efforts and expertise of our teams. The expansion of PSD Aero is also materialized through our online presence, and we are committed to transparently developing our website.

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