Steel 15CDV6

15CrMoV6 - 1.7734 - 1.7736 - AIR 9160

The 15CDV6 is a high-strength alloy steel often used in the aerospace industry. It combines chromium, vanadium, and other elements to provide excellent mechanical strength and good toughness. Picture a steel that is robust yet flexible, capable of withstanding challenging conditions such as temperature changes or high pressures.

Available shapes :

Carbon 0.15%
Silicon 0.1%
Manganese 0.9%
Phosphorus 0.0125%
Sulfur 0.0075%
Chromium 0.875%
Molybdenum 0.9%
Vanadium 0.25%

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Highly Regarded Steel in Aerospace

15CDV6 (15CrMoV6 - 1.7734 - 1.7736 - AIR 9160 15CDV6) is a highly regarded steel in the aerospace industry. Its popularity is based on a set of properties that meet the strict standards of this demanding industry. Its high tensile and compressive mechanical strength qualifies it as a material of choice for structural components that endure high stresses. This robustness is not just a mechanical attribute but also a guarantee of safety, as it is accompanied by good toughness. In fact, 15CDV6's ability to resist fracture or cracking under various load conditions makes it a reliable option in an industry where safety cannot be compromised.

This grade also has excellent machinability. Whether for cutting, forming, or welding, 15CDV6 readily lends itself to various processing methods, thereby reducing production costs. This ease of handling goes hand in hand with excellent thermal stability. This last point is crucial in aerospace, where components are subjected to extreme temperature ranges, from very cold to very hot, without compromising their performance.

Another advantage of 15CDV6 is its low weight. For similar mechanical performance, it offers a more favorable strength-to-weight ratio than many other steels. In the field of aerospace, where every gram matters, this property is highly appreciated. Moreover, its chemical composition makes it compatible with other metals and composite materials frequently used in the aerospace industry. This compatibility facilitates its integration into complex systems, making it a preferred choice for engineers and aircraft designers.

In summary, 15CDV6 is a multifunctional material that excels in various areas such as mechanical strength, toughness, machinability, thermal stability, and lightweight properties, while also being compatible with a wide range of materials used in aerospace.

Chemical composition of 15CDV6

The variations in its chemical composition for aerospace.

% C
Min. 0.12 >0 0.8 >0 >0 0.25 0.8 0.2
Max. 0.18 0.2 1 0.025 0.015 1.5 1 0.3


7.8 g/cm³



Easily welded

Tensile strength

Tensile strength

1100 to 1300 MPa Max

Yield strength

Yield strength

900 to 1100 MPa Max

How 15CDV6 is used in aerospace

The practical applications of this steel in aircraft construction.



The 15CDV6 grade is often used for aircraft chassis and fuselage structures. In addition to stringers (longitudinal beams that provide structural support for the fuselage), this steel is applied to the ribs and frame of the fuselage.

Landing Gear

The high resistance to wear and fatigue of 15CDV6 makes it ideal for landing gear components, which are subject to high stress: its struts, wheel axles, or even the relay connecting rod.


15CDV6 is also used for bolts, screws, and other fasteners like rivets. Its high mechanical strength and corrosion resistance make it a steel of choice to ensure the reliability of these elements.

Optimizing the use of 15CDV6 : treatments, regulations, and options.

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