The SOCIETE METALLURGIQUE DE PARIS SAINT-DENIS was founded in 1936 by Mr Dreyfus and Mr Chevalier.

Its offices were initially located in Paris and the workshop in Saint-Denis. It is a family-owned company which specializes in the supply of semi-finished and finished metal products, as well as special alloys for aeronautical, nuclear, mechanical industries etc.

During the 20th century, different shareholders will participate to the perpetuation of the company. It is for this reason that in 1993, Mr. Christian Lambert, the current CEO, forms the company PARIS SAINT-DENIS ACIERS to resume activity and pursue the development of the former SOCIETE METALLURGIQUE DE PARIS SAINT-DENIS.

On 1st January 2001, the aviation department of PSD ACIERS is detached to form an independent entity: PARIS SAINT-DENIS AERO, which now oversees every aeronautical and aerospace related activities.

Since 2001, PSD AERO has become a major European player in the distribution of metallurgical products for aircraft construction. Its business is the storage, flow, trading and first transformation of metallic raw materials. It distributes a complete range of technical products used for the construction of aircraft, helicopters and engines.

Our Quality Managment System meets the IAQG’s series requirementsPSD AERO is one of the main suppliers of key players in the aviation sector, that’s why it is qualified by most major customers: AIRBUS, SNECMA, EUROCOPTER, DASSAULT AVIATION, etc.

With their experience and rigor acquired during the last few decades, the two companies consist of 50 staff members that have enabled them to increase their turnover 10 times over in 10 years.